About Mike Suhre

In 2016 moving forward, Mike Suhre will only be teaching PGA Junior League Golfers.

History in Golf

I picked up a club at the age of two and have been playing ever since. After a successful junior career and high school career, I attended Northern Illinois University on a golf scholarship. After five years and two Academic All-American honors, I wanted to advance my game. I turned pro in 2000 and played in a Nationwide event, then the Nike Tour, for my first tour experience. Feeling a little out of my league, I decided to work on my game on the range and mini-tours. After a moderately successful mini-tour career, I decided to try to make it on the PGA Tour a different way. I lived the tour life and learned what I needed from the experience.

In my career, I have played with PGA Tour players, nationally ranked amateurs, and people who can't break 100. I have learned some valuable lessons and seen some amazing golfers. I have played in National tournaments and weekend scrambles. What I have found out is golf is a game you can enjoy your entire life, no matter how good you become, where you play, or who you meet along the way. I hope to share my experience, enthusiasm, and knowledge with you and show you how to play your best.

My Credentials

Along with all of my playing experience, I have also learned from some of today's greatest teachers. My initial knowledge of the game and the swing was taught to me by my father, Larry Suhre - PGA Life - Member. After absorbing all I could from him, he encouraged me to seek further instruction. In high school, I took lessons at the David Leadbetter Golf Schools. In college, I learned from PGA Teacher of the Year, Dr. Jim Suttie. After six years with Dr. Suttie, I realized the swing itself does not make you a great golfer. I then started learning from David Breslow, a mental coach from Chicago. He has worked with the Chicago Bulls and many other professional athletes.

I credit my love for the game to my mom and dad, my knowledge of the swing to my dad and Dr. Suttie, and my course management and overall outlook on life to my mom and David Breslow. As stated earlier, I have played with some of the best and have learned from my experience. I hope to share some of my enthusiasm with you. I love this game and I think you will too.

My Philosophy

I feel golf should be a balance of mental and physical coaching. You need to have solid fundamentals and a good mental approach to achieve your best. A solid swing will allow you to be consistent and a good mental approach will allow you to play your best more often. Lessons should be a mixture of fundamentals, swing mechanics, and a solid mental approach.  

I feel every golfer can enjoy the game, no matter the skill level. The key to enjoying the game is a positive attitude and a desire to play your best. Most will never make it to the PGA Tour but making a 10 foot putt on the last hole for your career best can feel like winning the Masters.